Now Taking Certified Organic Garlic Orders

All preseason orders placed before July 31st will be shipped the end of September 2023. All garlic orders placed after August 1st will be shipped in October.

We have two varieties of Hardneck garlic… Music and Alto. You can order in 1/2 or 1lbs increments up to 50lbs.

*Seed Garlic $27.99 per lb           *Culinary Garlic (sm/med)  $27.99 per lb

What is the difference between seed garlic and culinary garlic?

Garlic Seed & Culinary/Table Garlic – Both garlic types are edible. The only difference between seed and culinary/table garlic is that the larger bulbs are used for seed and the smaller for culinary or table garlic. All the bulbs have the same flavor, taste and have large cloves. However, the smaller bulbs have a longer shelf life.

Garlic Scapes – $10.99 per lb.

Garlic scapes are the flower that the garlic plant will produce in the late spring. It is necessary to pinch off or “Pop” the garlic scape in order for the energy of the garlic plant to be directed to bulb development instead of a beautiful flower or garlic bulbil. The garlic scapes are typically harvested between late May until the beginning of June. The optimum time to harvest the garlic scapes is when they have made a complete curl.

 Groundswell Farm’s Garlic Orders Shipping Costs

We accept Pay Pal, Credit Cards, Checks or Money Orders (made to Groundswell Community Farm). Checks need to clear before shipment. Shipping is flat rate based on weight and will be calculated when you order.

Large bulk orders and wholesale orders will be quoted upon request.

LARGER BULK PRODUCT ORDERS (i.e., Fresh Garlic Orders)

Shipping costs have been rising steadily. We typically use USPS for most orders however larger bulk orders usually ship via UPS. We compare costs and will ship the cheaper method unless when possible.

We offer “local” pickup as well as shipping within the domestic US only                                 (excluding PO Boxes, Hawaii, & Alaska).

There will be a standard weekly pickup at the farm that will be arranged with a specific date and time.